pTLA for BELNET-BE closes on 21Sep00

Bob Fink
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 09:37:13 -0700

BELNET-BE requests a pTLA. This opens a two week review period, so please 
send any comments to me or the 6bone list.

This review period closes on 21 Sep 2000.



>Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 17:57:11 +0200 (MET DST)
>From: Marc Roger <>
>To: Bob Fink <>
>Subject: Re: IPv6 pTLA application
>Please find our answers below.
>rfc2772>   1. The pTLA Applicant must have a minimum of three (3) months
>rfc2772>      qualifying experience as a 6Bone end-site or pNLA 
>transit.  During
>rfc2772>      the entire qualifying period the Applicant must be operationally
>rfc2772>      providing the following:
>Our 6bone connectivity is operationnal since january 2000.
>rfc2772>      a. Fully maintained, up to date, 6Bone Registry entries for 
>rfc2772>         ipv6-site inet6num, mntner, and person objects, including 
>rfc2772>         tunnel that the Applicant has.
>We do maintain up-to-date ipv6-site (BELNET-BE), inet6num (3FFE:608:2::/48),
>mnter (MNT-BELNET) and person (MR105-RIPE) objects, it includes all tunnels
>we currently have.
>rfc2772>      b. Fully maintained, and reliable, BGP4+ peering and 
>rfc2772>         between the Applicant's boundary router and the appropriate
>rfc2772>         connection point into the 6Bone. This router must be IPv6
>rfc2772>         pingable. This criteria is judged by members of the 6Bone
>rfc2772>         Operations Group at the time of the Applicant's pTLA request.
>We maintain BGP4+ peering with SURFnet (AS1103) a.o. This information can be
>verified from our looking glass at
>rfc2772>      c. Fully maintained DNS forward (AAAA) and reverse (
>rfc2772>         entries for the Applicant's router(s) and at least one host
>rfc2772>         system.
>For instance:
>% dig aaaa
>  15M IN AAAA  3ffe:608:2:1::2
> ptr
>rfc2772>      d. A fully maintained, and reliable, IPv6-accessible system
>rfc2772>         providing, at a mimimum, one or more web pages, 
>describing the
>rfc2772>         Applicant's IPv6 services.  This server must be IPv6 
>This page can be found under (also as 
>the address 3ffe:608:2:1::2 is pingable.
>rfc2772>   2. The pTLA Applicant MUST have the ability and intent to provide
>rfc2772>      "production-quality" 6Bone backbone service. Applicants must
>rfc2772>      provide a statement and information in support of this claim.
>rfc2772>      This MUST include the following:
>We do intend to provide production quality IPv6 service to our customers.
>rfc2772>      a. A support staff of two persons minimum, three preferable, 
>rfc2772>         person attributes registered for each in the ipv6-site object
>rfc2772>         for the pTLA applicant.
>The composition of the support staff can be obtained by retrieving the
>"SST1-RIPE" role object in the RIPE Database.
>rfc2772>      b. A common mailbox for support contact purposes that all 
>rfc2772>         staff have acess to, pointed to with a notify attribute 
>in the
>rfc2772>         ipv6-site object for the pTLA Applicant.
> is the contact e-mail address.
>rfc2772>   3. The pTLA Applicant MUST have a potential "user community" that
>rfc2772>      would be served by its becoming a pTLA, e.g., the Applicant is a
>rfc2772>      major provider of Internet service in a region, country, or 
>rfc2772>      of interest. Applicant must provide a statement and 
>information in
>rfc2772>      support this claim.
>BELNET is the national research network. We provide high speed connections
>to Universities, research centres, high schools and public
>administrations. Our user community is estimated to 100k-200k users.
>More information about BELNET can be found at
>rfc2772>   4. The pTLA Applicant MUST commit to abide by the current 6Bone
>rfc2772>      operational rules and policies as they exist at time of its
>rfc2772>      application, and agree to abide by future 6Bone backbone
>rfc2772>      operational rules and policies as they evolve by consensus 
>of the
>rfc2772>      6Bone backbone and user community.
>I do.
>, BELNET, the National Research Network