IPv6 "Subnetting" Document

Brian E Carpenter brian@hursley.ibm.com
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 11:08:33 -0500


Why is it any different (in principle) from subnetting an IPv4 site using
variable length subnet masks? Under a /48 prefix you have 16 bits to use
as you wish for subnet structure. My advice would be to be conservative
with the bits - i.e. go for a flat rather than a hierarchical
allocation model. I've switched this to the 6bone list where
you will find the most experienced deployers.


> George Rivera wrote:
> IPv6 folks:
> I'm looking for an IPv6 addressing document which explains the actual IPv6 "subnetting" process used to subdivide IPv6
> addresses into multiple "subnets" within a customer IP network.
> Please advise...
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