6bone list format query- To:, From: and CC:

Kris Deugau kdeugau@deepnet.cx
Tue, 05 Sep 2000 09:26:36 -0400

This isn't directly related to the topic of this list, but I've noticed
a number of people replying to messages- with the To: field set to
whoever sent to original message, and then CC: set to the list.  (I've
just now realized that my message filters can be set up to handle this.)

This means that I end up with a few messages that, in some cases, can't
be told apart from spam by looking at subject and sender.

Two questions, for list admins and/or members:

1)  Should the Subject have a header of some kind automagically added so
incoming messages can be quickly identified?  Most other mailing lists
I'm on have something like this.

2) Should CC's to the list be rejected?  (This is minor;  I'm curious
why a reply to the list instead of the original sender should be
desireable or necessary.)

-Kris Deugau
If a man were beset by green demons, and took his problem to the church,
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his mind.  But only a consulting philosopher would pick up a stick and
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