IPv6 Address allocation

peter dawson peterdd@gto.net.om
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 22:41:21 +0400

I happened to come across this bit of info on the home IPng home
pages and have a

IPng supports addresses which are four times the number of bits
as IPv4 addresses (128 vs. 32).  This is 4 Billion times 4
Billion (2^^96) times the size of the IPv4 address
space (2^^32). This  works out to be:


Approximately fifteen percent of the address space is initially
allocated. The remaining 85% is
reserved for future use.

 Now my question .... 15% of 4 billion times 4 billion is an
awfull lot of IP address
space which has been allocated ... for what reasons has these
allocations taken
place and how will they be used ??