[ns] AOMDV implementation for ns2.30

toyota399 aodv at mail.com
Wed May 2 08:06:33 PDT 2007

Hello Macello,

Can you please tell me how did you patch the AOMDV code with the AODV in
ns2.3? I would very much appreciate if you can give me some tips on that!

Also, I have bumped into problems with low packet delivery ratio of AODV in
ns2.30. I have tested the AODV when its link layer detection is on and off.
But both of them give me pretty low ratio when the number of CBR source is
only 20 to 30. Would you happen to know the reason why this is happening?

Really looking forward to your reply.
Thank you very much in advance,


marcello.caleffi wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm working on AOMDV in order to compare with ATR.
> Currently, I'm patching the AOMDV code with the AODV ns-2.31 one  
> (each single function :-| ). In this way one could compare the  
> results of AOMDV simulations with which of another protocol (say ATR,  
> DART and AODV) implemented in ns-2.31. Then I will change every  
> reference to AODV in AOMDV code, in order to could mantain both the  
> protocols in the same ns folder structure.
> I think you could not simply put the older AOMDV code in the ns  
> folder structure, aso if it looks working. This is my opinion.
> Best regards, Marcello.
> -----------------------------------------
> Marcello Caleffi, Ph.D. student
> Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
> University of Naples "Federico II"
> Via Claudio 21
> 80125 Naples ITALY
> http://wpage.unina.it/marcello.caleffi/
>> Hello everyone in ns2,
>> I am currently working on a load balancing strategy on the AOMDV
>> protocol. I'm using ns2 and I am not able to find the AOMDV (Ad-hoc
>> Multipath Distance Vector) source code within the ns2 directory? After
>> hours of googling, I managed to find a copy of AOMDV source code for
>> older version of ns2.
>> http://www.icis.ntu.edu.sg/wagio/campus/research/codes/aomdv-code- 
>> ns2.tar.tar
>> However, the installation steps provide with the source code  
>> require me
>> to install an older version of AODV onto the new ns2 and some  
>> overriding
>> of ns2 original source code. Does anybody able to install AOMDV into
>> ns2.3x ? I will be very grateful if you can teach me how to do it
>> correctly.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Martin

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