[ns] Error:" extra switch pattern with no body" in FHMIP Extension

Song Yang soyasongyang at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 23:47:13 PST 2007

Hello all,

I am using ns-allinone-2.28 on cygwin (win XP). I have installed the
FHMIP Extension follow the steps in "Handover Blackout Duration of
Layer 3 Mobility Management Schemes" from
http://tagus.inesc-id.pt/~pestrela/ns2/mobility.html, and I recompiled
ns2 by running "make". When I tried to run the script in the
extension, I got the error :

extra switch pattern with no body
      while executing
"switch -exact $routingAgent_{
set ragent [$self creat-dsdv-agent $node]
$self at 0.0 "$node start-dsr"
set ragent [$self cre..."
      (procedure "_o3" line 11)
      (Simulator create-wireless-node line 11)
      invoked from within
"_o3 create-wireless-node 1.0.0"
      ("eval" body line1)
      invoked from within
"eval $self create-wireless-node $args"
       (procedure "_o3" line 14)
       (Simulator node lline 14)
       invoked from within
"$ns_ node 1.0.0"
       invoked from within
"set HA [$ns_ node 1.0.0]"
       (file "simula.tcl" line 114)

Could anyone who use the same extension give me some help?
Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you!


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