[ns] how to install RPI graph and statistics in ns-2.27 (urgent)

Salvador Alcaraz Carrasco salcaraz at obelix.umh.es
Tue Jun 21 14:15:04 PDT 2005


don't forget to put into your source code, next sentences, for to include 
RPI tcl code, for example:

source $env(NS)/tcl/rpi/graph.tcl
source $env(NS)/tcl/rpi/link-stats.tcl

regards, from Spain


On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Uday Singh Rathod wrote:

> hello,
>   I have installed RPI graph and statistics in ns-2.27, following the
> steps provided in manual for installation, but it's not working.
>   I would be delighted if someone can help me providing the proceedure
> for RPI installation.
>   Iam using ns-2.27 on red hat-9.
> thanking you a lot,
> uday singh rathod.

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