[Ns-developers] new LTE module release by the LENA project

Nicola Baldo nbaldo at cttc.es
Wed Jan 23 10:31:09 PST 2013

Hi all,

we'd like to announce a new release of the LTE module by the LENA
project available at http://lena.cttc.es/hg/lena/

This release includes the following new features:

 - MIMO model
 - HARQ model integrated with error model
 - Control Channel and Reference Signals models
 - MAC Random Access model with protocol interference model
   for preamble collisions
 - RRC implementation with new UE and ENB state machines and
   ASN.1-encoded RRC PDUs sent over Signaling Radio Bearers
 - RLC TM model
 - MME, S1-AP and S11 logical models
 - X2 implementation supporting handover and SON primitives
 - additional KPIs: RSRP & SINR traces, PHY tx/rx traces,
   SRB stats
 - several bug fixes

The details of all the new features are described in the documentation,
which is available in html format here:

and in PDF format here:

Feedback welcome!

Best Regards,

the CTTC LENA team
Nicola Baldo
Marco Miozzo
Manuel Requena
Lluis Parcerisa

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