[Ns-developers] LENA: new public release announcement

Nicola Baldo nbaldo at cttc.es
Thu Dec 15 09:11:57 PST 2011

Hi all,

we'd like to announce a new release of the LENA project available at

this release includes the following new features:

+ LTE Radio Protocols:
   - RLC/UM
   - RLC/AM
   - PDCP
+ EPC data plane:
   - S1-U interface with GTP-U tunneling
   - SGW/PGW node
   - TFT classifiers
   - mapping of EPS bearers to Radio Bearers
   - integration with ns-3 Ipv4 and ns-3 applications
+ Propagation Models:
   - revised trace-based fading model with new traces
   - new buildings pathloss model

The LENA documentation has been updated to include the description of 
these new features. The documentation includes the following sections:

- design documentation
- user documentation
- testing documentation
- profiling documentation

You can find an html version of the documentation here:

and a PDF version here:

Finally, the doxygen API documentation in html format can be found here:

Feedback welcome!

Best Regards,

the CTTC LENA team
Nicola Baldo
Marco Miozzo
Manuel Requena
Jaume Nin

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