[Ns-developers] TCP Vegas Implementation for NS-3

Juan Pablo Poujade jppoujade at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 16:33:43 PST 2010

Hi all,

I am working with NS-3.5 and I've implemented TCP Vegas for NS-3. I
made it by modifying 2 files: tcp-socket-impl.h and tcp-socket-
impl.cc. My idea is that everyone who is going to use a TCP socket
should be able to select which TCP implementation is going to use
(TAHOE is the original TCP implementation in NS-3) so, among other
changes, I added a new member called m_tcpType to the TcpSocketImpl
class. The member m_tcpType only can take 2 values: TCP_TAHOE or
TCP_VEGAS (those are defines at the beginning of the header file). By
default m_tcpType has the TCP_VEGAS value.

I've been reading the "How to contribute" documentation on the NS-3
web site and I would like to see the way to integrate mi implemetation
to the NS-3 project. I attached 2 .diff files in this mail (one for the .h
file and other for the .cc file).

Am I following the correct steps to get my code being integrated to
the project ?

Any help will be appreciated.


Juan Pablo Poujade
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