[Ns-developers] Power-aware DSR...

Salvo Danilo Giuffrida giuffsalvo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:58:45 PST 2009

I need to modify the DSR routing agent, in order to incorporate a
method to save the battery of central nodes in a MANET (that is, nodes
through which most of the traffic passes, because they are at the
geographical center of the network). The idea is that, during an RREQ
forwarding from the requestor to the destination, intermediate nodes
delay the broadcasting of the RREQ to neighbor nodes, with an amount
inversely proportional to their remaining energy level. In this way,
the first RREQ that arrives to the destination should be one that has
gone though a path whose sum of the energy levels in all intermediate
nodes is the maximum (therefore, the induced delay is the minimum).
I've looked into the file ~ns-2.33/dsr/dsragent.cc, but I've not yet
been able to understand where I should incorporate this modification.
It seems to me that the method "DSRAgent::sendOutPacketWithRoute" is
the most likely to be modified, at line 1463, where there's
Scheduler::instance().schedule(ll, p.pkt,
				     Random::uniform(RREQ_JITTER) + delay);

Maybe I should modify the use of a random value taken from a uniform
distribution [0,RREQ_JITTER], with a value calculated with the
abovementioned method?
Could you tell me where this modification should be put? Or maybe I
should modify "void
Thanks a lot

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