[Ns-developers] Emu and Tap Status

craigdo@ee.washington.edu craigdo at ee.washington.edu
Tue Jan 27 21:43:14 PST 2009

> Thanks for the summary Craig.  Any update?

Getting close.  I have pretty much all the pieces put together; but there's
a lot of testing to be done and a complete demo to put together.  I'm sure
there's missing doxygen.

I'm obviously not going to meet your milestone "January 27 -- Deadline for
new feature submissions that require design review" deadline, though, since
that is two and a half hours away in PST.

How flexible are you on this one?  If I can get it to you in the next couple
of days are you still willing to consider it?

Don't tell anyone, but just between you and me and the fly on the
wall.isi.edu, I have been known to check something in to meet a deadline and
then file a bug saying it doesn't work at all.  Then I finish it during bug
fixing time :-)

-- Craig

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