[Ns-developers] Some results (Was: Static NS-3 (Was: icc and "patched" waf))

Timo Bingmann timo.bingmann at student.kit.edu
Sun Jan 25 10:47:13 PST 2009

Hello Gustavo and Mathieu,

here are some speed timing results by simply running "time" on the program. On my 32bit CPU yes.

Gustavo: your static patch didn't quite work, because it also linked the libns3.so to the programs, and that created weird duplicate module initialization problems. Attached is my quick hack-fix to get it to work, I guess you can do that more elegantly.

I ran three programs: examples/wifi-ap, my new RandomVariable tester "samples/main-random-variable" (not in ns-3-dev) and scratch/three-nodes-capture-3d (also not in ns-3-dev). three-nodes-capture-3d runs three wireless nodes communicating at many different distances. The code is in my ns-3-scratch repo.

Timing results with gcc, icc and with/without -fPIC are at

No PIC really reduces the time on my three-nodes simulation, but shows only moderate speed-ups on the others. icc shows a small further speed-up in all cases.

Some hard data to work with. Profiling will follow somewhen.

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