[Ns-developers] Mac layer 802.11n

Mirko Banchi mk.banchi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 11:31:22 PST 2009

Mathieu Lacage ha scritto:
> On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 15:51 +0100, Mirko Banchi wrote:
>> How and when aggregation (both) is an user's choice. User will be able
>> to select two algorithms that have the job of perform aggregations.
>> A-MDSU and A-MPDU are independent each other.
> So, this means that we don't have to worry about the A-MPDU aggregation
> for now which is good (tm).
>> At the moment we are working on MSDU aggregation. When this feature will
>> be operative i'll ask you or Tom, if will be possible, for a
>> mercurial repository on your server. Just then we would try to merge.
> It would be nice to be able to review first the part which creates a
> QapWifiMac+QstaWifiMac with a simple non-aggregation-aware EdcaTxop
> class. Aggregation capability seems more complex and could be done as a
> second step.
> Possible review/merge milestones:
> 1) QstaWifiMac+QapWifiMac+EdcaTxop
> 2) modified MacLow according to previous discussion
> 3) extended EdcaTxop using MacLow to implement aggregation

Ok...About EdcaTxop, what do you think about a unique class EdcaTxopN?
Another way could be to create a common abstract class which EdcaTxop
and EdcaTxopN inherits from.In the first implementation would be not
possible to use only 802.11e standard features without the 802.11n
features. There would be only possible (in an easy manner) to switch off
aggregation.Maybe the second implementation is better...with a common
interface we could use, in QstaWifiMac and in QapWifiMac, EdcaTxop or
EdcaTxopN.This also would help us to have in the same wlan many types of
 terminals (for example 802.11e and 802.11n terminals).

what do you think about?


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