[Ns-developers] ns-3.4 release plans

Raj Bhattacharjea raj.b at gatech.edu
Wed Jan 7 14:34:18 PST 2009

I wish a happy new year to the ns-3 development community!  With the new
year comes new plans, namely those for releasing the next version of ns3,
version 3.4 .  This email is lengthy, so you can catch the short version on
the wiki:


Otherwise, read on.

==Release Schedule==
The plan is to have an early merge period through January 27th, during which
proposals for new APIs and features will be reviewed and merged into the
ns-3-dev trunk.  Any remaining features which have been proposed but not
fully reviewed, or for which there is no consensus, can be merged in up
until February 10th.

The rest of the month of February will be for maintainance; during this
period only P1 bugs will be fixed, and no API will change.  Behavioral
changes to models not affecting API will be allowed.

>From March 1st, release candidates will be released.  The bug count should
ideally be zero during this time, and any remaining bugs discovered will be
ironed out by the the 18th of March, when the final release of ns3.4 is

More details follow here:

==New Features==

The planned new features for 3.4 are as follows:

   1. A new tap net device which will allow ns-3 to create a Linux system
   network interface through which ns-3 traffic can flow back and forth with
   the real world.  It is being adapted by Craig from a prototype version
   Mathieu has been utilizing in demonstrations of ns3.
   2. A system for assigning names to nodes.  Issues of accessing nodes by
   name, utilizing names for accessing trace hooks, displaying the names in
   trace output, and showing the names in logging output are still being
   resolved.  Craig is working on this.
   3. An upgrade to the waf version used in ns-3, as well as a move to a so
   called "allinone" build system.  The system will separate the downloading of
   "optional" components (such as pybindgen and nsc) from the regular waf build
   process of ns-3.  Gustavo has something in the works.
   4. New API for RandomVariables, adding new seeing API and new default
   seeding behavior.  Raj is working with Michelle Weigle and Hadi Arbabi on
   5. A refactoring of the IPv4 routing API.  Tom is working on this.
   6. More support for IPv6 (
   Tom is working on this.
   7. Behavioral changes in TCP to be RFC compliant in regards to closedown
   behavior (correct FINs and RSTs).  Raj is working on this.
   8. Consistency of trace hooks across NetDevice types. and true PCAP
   compatibility (http://www.nsnam.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=443).  Craig
   is working on this.
   9. Possible addition of some rigorous ns3 system tests which work without
   comparing script output against known traces.

There have been no other proposals for ns-3.4.  There are a group of open
issues with no committments from people to work on them.  I will be pinging
people to see if they can commit to completing some of these other things.

Thanks for reading this lengthy email.  Have a wonderful day everyone,
Raj Bhattacharjea
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D. Candidate
Systems Analyst

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