[Ns-developers] Mac layer 802.11n

Timo Bingmann timo.bingmann at student.kit.edu
Wed Jan 7 05:05:47 PST 2009

> 1)I agree with you about EdcaTxopN class. Maybe the better way to reuse
> also DcfManager to implement Edca mechanism is write an interface
> DcaTxop and inherit from it.

I've been studying EDCA some time now, and will be implementing it for my thesis.
We really should somehow coordinate our efforts.

Currently I'm developing a small tool to visualize the QoS later on.

Its basic idea is based on this screenshot from Yavista

Not as colorful and detailed, but much more hackish: (temporary screenshot)

It just plots time events from debug output. Events are points in time with a duration and some labeling.


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