[Ns-developers] upcoming ns-3.1 release

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Mon Jun 9 06:15:04 PDT 2008

We're still scheduled to make the ns-3.1 release by June 30, and 
preparation seems to be on track.

We had some discussion about some revisions to the release process last 
week on the list and on IRC, and based on that, I made a small change to 
  the wiki to clarify that if there are ever stable releases with 
backward-incompatible API changes (hopefully rare), we will continue to 
maintain the previous stable release for some time (TBD) afterwards.  I 
don't think we have enough experience yet to set dates on such 
maintenance contracts.  I also didn't feel compelled, in the end, to 
change the proposal for how we name unstable releases.


Craig Dowell agreed to serve as release manager, so according to the 
proposed schedule, he will fork the release branch by next Monday, and 
this week we'll try to resolve the remaining Priority-1 bug fixes.


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