[Ns-developers] 802.11 wireless LAN on ns-2

mathieu lacage Mathieu.Lacage at sophia.inria.fr
Sun Apr 23 09:02:19 PDT 2006

hi lavina,

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 02:09 +0530, Lavina Jain wrote:

> I could implement burst transmission without acks using data packets
> only.
> I did not use broadcast or qos data. Instead I disabled ack and
> modified recieve_ok(), not to send ack.
> I made many other changes to the code to implement the proposed
> mechanism of burst transmission and got the expected results. I will
> send you the code.

Cool. I am planning to add a 802.11 EDCA with burst support in an
upcoming release. It should allow you to perform similar simulations. It
would be nice if you could verify your results with this release when it
happens (third party verification of the validity of the simulation
results is very useful).

> I am very thankful to you. I could not have done this without your
> help and guidance.

I am interested in feedback on the APIs, the code structure, your
opinion, etc. Negative and positive comments are most welcome. For
example, a list of what you found hard to do, hard to figure out, what
you wish were there, what annoyed you, would be amazing. I am quite open
to work on whatever the users of yans find most useful to them.

> A query that I have for the purpose of documentation of my work is
> that, how are yans and ns-2 integrated. yans appears to be separate
> from ns-2. Would it be integrated with ns-2 in near future. Simulation
> results should be reported as on ns-2 or on yans.

Yans is a separate simulator for now and if you want to make a reference
to it, you should use the yans homepage (http://yans.inria.fr/yans). If
your question is what I think should be done in the future, then, it is
quite simple: I would like to port slowly the ns2 models useful to my
users to yans to make yans a full fledged simulator with lots of models.
In that context, feedback on what you think would be most useful to you
would be awesome.

Of course, you could do it the other way around, that it, port the yans
802.11 model to ns2 but for a lot of reasons I think this solution is a
dead end and I have no interest in it.

Now, if your question is what will happen in the future, the answer is
that I don't know: talks are underway to decide what we could do with
yans and ns2 and gtnets and I have no idea what will be decided.

> ns-2 is a really good simulator and yans provides an accurate
> simulation of 802.11. In future also, I plan to take up ns-2 to
> simulate some NoC mechanisms. I will keep you informed of my work on
> ns-2. 

NoC ? 


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