[Ns-developers] aodv extension - new header problem

Cenker Demir cdemir at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 17 11:30:26 PDT 2006

Dear ns developers,

I am trying to write an extension code which uses aodv - with auctions. 
In order to do that, I added a new header type to other aodv header 
types. However, I use this header with data packets cbr/udp, and I put 
the header into data packets. The problem that I experienced is; when I 
change a value in this new header in -for instance- recvReply function 
to something non-zero, the value becomes "0" when forward function 
receives the packet. 

I sent the question to ns-users first, after looking for the answer in 
ns-archive, however could not get any response. Then I thought someone 
maybe able to answer the question in ns-developers list. I will really 
appreciate if anyone answers my question. 

Best regards

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