[Ns-developers] Re. 802.11 MAC instantiation

narayanan k knar74 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 07:30:30 PDT 2006

Dear Developers,

I was wondering if you might give some input on a pblm
i am working on.

I am working on implementing Qos differentiation in
wlan, base ver 2.28. I am trying to implement
different behaviour at the MAC level for different
classes of mobiles(with different
requirements in qos)

I am not very clear on the mapping of MAC entities and
mobilenodes, is there a one to one mapping?

So would i have to have an array of mac-related
parameters for one-mac entity in C-style, or can i
index through different instantiations of mac entities
- one for each mobile/flow in c++ style.

Any ideas would be much appreciated,
Thank you very much
PhD student
University of Pittsburgh

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