[Ns-developers] sourceforge outage

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Sun Apr 2 19:57:30 PDT 2006

There have been some problems with sourceforge recently:

i) Anonymous CVS access to otcl-tclcl stopped working on around 3/10/06, 
for some unexplained reason.  It still works for ns-2 and nam-1, however.

ii) The sourceforge shell server, from which I launch the validation 
tests, has had a problem with the volume mounted on "/" being 100% full 
for several days now.  Therefore, the nightly validate tests, which 
spawn validation tests on the compile farm servers, fail due to "no 
space left on device" errors.

iii) Developer CVS access has been out since Thursday.

I have opened tickets for the first two.  The third one is a known 
problem, and status updates are posted on the following web page:

Here is the sourceforge comment on the CVS outage, which affects all 
sourceforge projects:

On 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a hardware issue that 
required us to take the service offline. We are actively working on this 
problem and hope to have it back up soon. There is not a current 
estimate for the duration of this outage, but when we get one, it will 
be posted on the site status page (this page). We currently expect this 
outage to last 48 hours, at minimum.


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