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------- Comment #2 from gjcarneiro at gmail.com  2007-07-11 06:18 -------
Actually my Timer was inspired by the ns-2 one, but I could not understand how
differentiating between sched and resched has any use.  If I was programming
with these timers I would always call resched to make sure it always works. 
Slightly different semantics just adds a bit of extra complexity to the API and
I'm not sure there is any again.

Nor why status() is any use; perhaps a IsRunning () method could help, but
other than that...

In ns-2 resched is used about 250 times, vs about 90 times for sched.  And in
any case I would argue that in this code:

NS_ASSERT (!timer.IsRunning ());
timer.Schedule ();

the precondition that the timer must not be running is easier to read than when
it is hidden in this code:

timer.Schedule ();

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